Examples for computer science miniprojects


Other years/groups

The game of draughts (Lucas LE GOFF, Quentin LEFEBVRE, Laurent MALLET, Vivien MARION)

A draughts game with AI (artificial intelligence) component:

Optical components (GUILLOT Emmanuel, HASNAOUI Meryem, KALAM-ALAMI Marwane, PONTAL Audrey)

Optical components are placed interactively with the mouse:

The light sources can be animated:

Superbawl (Benoit-Joseph PASCAL, Jeremy LE BERRE, Loic LOISEL, Jean-Francois KASSEM)

Trajectories of a ball. Obstacles can be set interactively.

Path planning (Mery Maxime,Pauchard Emmanuel,Voegely Edouard,Cuenod Helene)

Planning the shortest path in the TCL network. Source and destination can be picked interactively with the mouse.