A couple of programs I wrote.

Double MRF restoration A binary and sourcecode for the document image restoration software using double Markov random fields published in my PAMI 2010 paper.

DetEval is software for the evaluation of object detection algorithms. It reads XML files containing the detection results as well as the ground truth information and writes the evaluation output in XML or LaTeX format (details in the paper).

Executables and C++ code for a document image binarization method (ranked 5th/43 at the DIBCO 2009 competition).

Matlab code for the robust calculation of Zernike moments from binary images.

eplot ("easy gnuplot") is a ruby script which allows to pipe data easily through gnuplot and create plots quickly, which can be saved in postscript, PDF, PNG or EMF files. Plotting of multiple files into a single diagram is supported.

Tired of writing makefiles? Makedefault is a ruby script which compiles a set files given in the current directory and creates either a single object file containing all code, or a single executable. The script automatically creates a makefile based on the sources in the current directory. It uses the compiler to search for dependencies in your sources and includes them into your makefile. Managing several projects depending on different and possibly overlapping sub projects can be done with makeexecutable.

Batchcmd applies the same command to a bunch of files. The name of each input file can be adapted and changed using wild cards in order to produce output files or other names adapted to each input file.