Examples for computer science miniprojects

2008/2009 : Group 51

Other years/groups

Life Game (Kevin DARNE, Benoit CHAMBON, Mathieu BACCONNIER, Thibaul CHARMETANT)

A particle system simulating the behavior of water, oil, fire, magnesium, sand, concrete and wood, very well modeled, very well implemented and running in real time even with a large quantity of particles.

a video illustrating the program (.avi)

Billard (Nicolas DESCHAUX, Antoine PEYRE, Guillaume DOUSSIN)

A complet billards game and physics simulation.

Connect Four (Ronan LAURENCEAU, Charif EL HAMRAOUI)

A connect four game with artificial intelligence (min-max algorithm) and possibility to load and save games.

Epidemia (Crystel BONNET, Thomas RAULT, St&eacut;phane ROTENBERG, Clara ROUJEAU)

A simulation of the propagation of a virus in France including the possibility of vaccinations.

Fasilacoustique (Jean-Baptiste BEAUCE, Julien BOURGEOIS, Laurie CARRA, J�r�my GAIO)

Calculate the spectrum of notes played on various instruments and display it as well as the enveloppe of the vibration.

Population simulation(Yann BONOMI, Lise COGNARD, Romain FILLOUX, Marc YOUCEF)

Simulation of a population of different species living in a virtual world with different types of land, forrests etc. The simulation includes genetic algorithms.

Wind power (Marion GARCIA-GUITTON, Kelly HEUZE, Alison HILAIRE)

A project simulating the energy distribution in a power grid with different sources of energy.