Examples for computer science miniprojects

2008/2009 : Group 70

Other years/groups

Waves (Camille KUNZI, Valentin LEVEAU, Quentin PERCEVAL, Cédric ZANINOTT)

A programe simulation wave propagation and dispersion. Electromagnetic and accoustic waves are supported.

Satellite launch (Christophe ANTONIN, Lucie CHAPELLE, Adam ED-DOUMI, Omar SQUALLI-HOUSSAINI)

A program calculating the trajectory of a projectile launched with initial velocity and no further added energy from an arbitrary given planet. If the projectile reaches orbit, the orbit is calculated and drawn.

3D Golf (Magali SEMERIA, Nicolas BAILLY, Lionel BRUYERE, Maxence BRUYAS)

A golf game with 3D trajectory simulation. The strike direction and force is interactively chosen with the mouse.

2D Golf (Mélanie BOURRE, Rohan JAIN, Youssoufa N'DIAYE, Pierre VIGOUROUX)

A golf game with 2D trajectory simulation and realistic collision calculations.

Crazy battle (Matthieu BENSADOUN, Rim CHEKROUN, Simon DURET, Léa CUCHET)

A naval battle simulation.

Concert Hall (Daniela ALLIENDRE GONZALES, Ben LISLE, Blandine DESCHAMPS, Vincent PRETET)

A program simulating sound propagation in a music hall. Instruments can be placed arbitrarily on the scene. A helper program allows the design of a user defined music hall.