Examples for computer science miniprojects

2009/2010 : Group 70

Other years/groups

Brick breaker (Blandine Bornuat, Raphael Nicolle, Theo Barallon and Damien Casetta)

Graphical calculator with handwriting recognition (Gay Nicolas, Guyon Adrien, Path Samuel, Girard Erwan)

Steganograpy (Jean-Tiaré LE BIGOT, Yann TYL, Amine EDDAIFI, Clémence GONTHIER)

Educational program with symbol recognition (LAHLOU Salma, LO VAN Amanda, NASSIR Wissal, TBER Kenza)

Dispersion of white Light (GUPTA Uday, KHAN Irfan, MOUHSINE Mohammed)

A paint program (CABARET-LAMPIN Marie, DEVILLE Romain, NICOLAS Chloé, WATRELOT Amélie)