Examples for computer science miniprojects

2010/2011 : Group 71

Other years/groups

2D Physics engine (Tristan Pourcelot, Victor Cleren, Rémi Verschelde, Théo Garcia-Guitton)

A 2D object can be drawn by the user on the screen, as well as a 2D environnement. The object and its interaction with the environnment are then simulated (gravity, motion, angular speed, collisions).

Material (Marine Ameil, Bastien Doix, Pierre Brunisholz et Noémie Borel )

Simulation of the effects different types of forces applied to different blocks of material.

Arrows (ANNEREAU Charly, PERACHE Guillaume, PERARDOT Bertrand, SERRANO Adrien)

Shooting an arrow on a moving target with an automatic aiming mode.

Sailboat (Carole BESSETTE, Adrien COSSERAT, François GAUTHIER, Guillaume RINGOT)

Simulation of a sailboat with two modes: manual steering and automatic steering

Falling bricks (Victor Giraud, Nicolas Manteaux, Léo Marie, Anaik Poulat)

Bricks are falling from a helicopter and form a tower.

Flipper (DOUNIA Omar, GRESSELIN Vincent, PANELAY Glen, POZET Mathilde)

Simulation of a flipper game.