Examples for computer science miniprojects

2016/2017 : Group 51

Other years/groups

Agenda App (VIENNOT Valentin, BARDIN Charline, HABANS Dylan, PROBST Lucas)

An Android application handling a combined calendar/to do list for students and tasks.

Brinksa (BLEIN Elisa, DURAFOUR Marion, FEUILLARD Hugo, GOBBE Charles)

A brick breaker game.

Graphical calculator (BANOS Yannis, PETITJEAN Angèle, LESAGE-MORONNE Florian, CHARTIER Jean)

A calculater with many features: plotting, usage of inverse polish notation (postfix), linear algebra (matrices), equation solver, etc.

Mario Ball (AKATAL Mohamed, DUBOZ Swann, HADJAL Yacine, REY Gaspard)

The Mario ball game.

Flappy Bird (Veselinov Kaloyan, Benezis Pierre, Bennani Abla, Boulay Romain)

The flappy bird game.

Paper Toss (CHAPRON Clémence, DANTEC Rémi, NAHID Amine et PEROT Emilie)

Dynamically simulating a paper toss with a 3D renderer of wireframe models and a pinhole camera.