Examples for computer science miniprojects

2016/2017 : Group 71

Other years/groups

Papers (Mokrini Manal, Keryhuel Tanguy, Montaigne RĂ©mi, Labarthe Romain)

The papers game - control a snake and form teritories.

omega video A video illustrating the program (to download)

Image Triangulation (Alexandru Cotos, Diego del Rio Rodriguez)

Image triangulation.

Tower defense (Maxime FRANCOIS, William OCCELLI)

A tower defense game.

Rikudo (Pauline Kickens, Anh-Minh Navarre, Soutchie Wickramanayaka Karunaratna, Marine Leca)

A Rikudo game + solver.

Black Jack (CADOR Brendan, GIRAL Corentin, SAUNIER Arthur)

A black jack game with a simulator using different strategies of card counting.

Sudoku (DUPUY Maud, GHANDOUR Lynn, LOUARDI Maha, PERRIER Tiphaine)

A Sudoku game + solver.

Space sheep (AKOPYAN Evelyne, ALUM Kaodi, CALLIERE Emma, LONGHI Alexandre)

The space sheep game.