Examples for computer science miniprojects

2019/2020 : Group 72

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Fiber (Hugo Blum, Inas Maziane, Valentine Pyt, Tom Verheyde)

Simulation of the propagation of wave in a fiber network depending on wavelength and diffraction coefficient, with animation and zoom function.

After zooming in:


Propagation of waves through several media and a detailed visualization.

LoveBalls (Maya Broyer, Léna Beliazi, Emilien Coustenoble, Ludmila Demianenko)

A computer game featuring two balls, one being required to find the other. The underlying physics engine handles collisions, teleportation, wind etc.

Cipher (BOUREL Laura, BRETON Bourel, TILLIETTE Axelle)

A program which explains different encryption schemes: it has a tutorial mode and also features a game mode.

The game mode:

Fruitscanner (Samia Tahiri, Emilie ROCHELLE, Thibault LOCQUEVILLE and Florent BEAULIEU.)

A program which takes an image of a fruit and classified it according to the fruit type. This is based on the k nearest neighbor algorithm taking as input color histograms of images.

The game mode:

Algodoo (Muhammad Tulloo, Irvin Cote)

A game with an underlying physics engine.

Suduko (Clemence Jaillard, Chloé Vidler)

A program which allows a user to play Suduko, including a solver, which uses backtracking to fill in empty numbers while respecting all 3 types of constraints.

After pressing "hint" a couple of times: